Interiors in a new dimension

MOPA decor panels are unique and rich in shapes, it has an elegant structure and creative surfaces. They provide a modern and versatile use, any room can be transformed spectacularly with them almost immediately. Entire wall surfaces can be covered, but even a few pieces can be enough to create a unique and special interior. Different panel forms and colors can be combined, therefore the options are endless.

Choose any variation: THE RESULT WILL BE IMPRESSIVE!


Soft and flexible surface

Thanks to the bamboo fiber enriched memory foam the body of the panels are soft and flexible. If the panel has been pressed, it will recover to it’s original form.

Thermal insulator and sound proof

Thanks to the high density internal foam the panels have thermal insulation properties while the polygonal forms help to absorb the sound.

No need for further handling

The surface of MOPA decor panels – contrary to gypsum panels – is final, no need to priming or painting.

The panels are not only showy but practical as they are easy to clean, have thermal and sound proof properties, furthermore they are soft and non-deformable due to the memory foam. It doesn’t require any further maintenances, no need to priming and painting, unlike gypsum panels. It creaties a perfect and warm feeling to the room immediatly.